Racing Name:
WK By Pass
9.7 DOB: 1/23/2013

Walker (WK By Pass) was returned earlier in the year for not getting along with the new baby in the family. This is the second time for Walker getting returned, so we’re dedicated to make the next family his perfect match.

Walker is cat and small dog safe and previously lived as an only dog, though he gets along with the calmer greyhound in his foster home. Walker will be turning 10 in January and just had a dental cleaning. He lost some teeth and will most likely need another dental next year and will unfortunately lose more.

Walker’s ideal home would be one with no kids - no kids living there, no chance of having kids live there, and no kids visiting. Walker is very stressed by children, regardless of age. He also has some resource guarding tendencies, so he should not be allowed on couches or human beds and have his own area to retreat to when needed. Walker does now currently have a two time bite history, and the family needs to know that and take that into consideration when inquiring about Walker. This is why we will be extra diligent in his placement. Please PM us for more details.

Walker has excellent leash and house manners. He loves to sleep, take short and slow walks, he does not counter surf and is 100% potty trained. He does sometimes prefer to go potty on the leash because it is what he’s used to. Walker does not need a yard that is fenced in, but cannot be let off leash at all without one.

Walker is available for adoption in CT and surrounding New England states.

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info