Meet our Board of Directors

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President: Christine Fanelli

I have been involved with WAG for a number of years. I began as an adopter that volunteered at meet and greets and other WAG activities. I spent many Saturday mornings, in all types of weather, traveling with my hound Willow to South Windsor to walk the dogs WAG had staying at a kennel. I began fostering not too long after I adopted Willow. I managed to foster for a while before failing at fostering with Lance, my second greyhound. I have since lost both Willow and Lance, but am the proud owner of Maggie and Bullet and I continue to foster. My other volunteer experiences include being involved with the pet therapy program at Bristol Hospital and as a member of the YMCA Camp Sloper Alumni Committee.

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Vice President: Marc Stiller

The Vice President, performs the duties of the President whenever he/she is not present. The V.P. also attends the Board of Directors’ meetings and keeps up to date on the various issues involved in the running of the organization. He/she also performs other duties as needed such as: making the agendas for the Board of Directors’ meetings, helping with fundraisers, attending meet and greets, greyhound walks and other WAG functions, editing the newsletter, etc..

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Treasurer: Lauren Gargano-Yates

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financials of the organization. Accounting duties such as issueing reimbursements, managing paypal accounts, quickbooks, monthly P&L, reporting, and record keeping. Statutory duties such as state sales taxes, tax filings, compliance with state filings, and isurance management. General communication duties such as collecting mail, corresponding with the IRS or others, mailing calendars, tracking memberships, and responds to lost or found greyhound calls.

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Recording Secretary: Jeffrey Buckman

The Recording Secretary takes notes/minutes at Board of Directors meetings and the annual membership meeting, and types up the minutes and distributes them.

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Corresponding Secretary: Rori Friedman

The Corresponding Secretary writes and mails thank you notes, sympathy cards, notes of acknowledgement, and various website or email content.

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Administrative Director: Brandy Mulhare

The administrative director is the primary board member responsible for volunteer coordination, media outreach & public relations, and event planning, including the monthly WAG walks, regular meet-and-greets, and the occasional larger events that we do (WAG Gathering, etc.)

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Foster Coordinator: Nicole Cylkowski

The Foster Coordinator is the primary board member responsible for coordinating initial: dog acquisition, vetting, and housing; along with fostering. The Foster Coordinator will work closely with the Adoption Coordinator.

Major areas of responsibility include Dog Acquisition, Dog Vetting, Dog Housing, and Foster coordination 

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Adoption Coordinator: Rachel Meyers

Adoption Coordinator is the primary board member responsible for coordinating Home placements and adoptions. The Adoption Coordinator will work closely with the Foster Coordinator.

Primary point person for adoptions representatives, home visits, and adoption paperwork

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IT/Media Director: Benjamin Williamson

The IT/Media director is responsible for managing and maintaining the website and social media accounts with regular updates, managing our email accounts and file vault system, handling our online payment systems, and working with the other board members for the various online accounts and general IT troubleshooting.