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? DOB: 3/28/2023
Small Dogs

Foster Isabella (Izzy as her foster parents call her), the dark brindle, loves to play with her foster sister, Charlotte!

Izzy just turned one year old on Tuesday and will be spayed on Monday. She will then will be looking for her forever home! This forever home would include another playful, confident, and patient greyhound and ideally a fenced in yard. Her new parents would need to understand that she is very shy outside the home and they need to work on her confidence. This is essential. She has the ability to be an outgoing girl, but she needs to be pushed outside her comfort zone.

Izzy is 1000% a puppy - she chews on everything, she can’t be trusted out of your sight, she needs leash and house manners and she LOVES to play with toys. She is learning to sleep through the night in her crate, but needs to continue this training. She loves to stalk and play attack her housemates in the yard and zoomie to her heart’s content!

Izzy is available for adoption in CT. We will not know if she is adoptable outside the state until Tuesday after her fecal and heartworm tests are complete. We will not adopt Izzy to a home without another confident greyhound to show her the ropes. She would not do well as an only dog and she should be cat workable (but hasn’t been officially tested).

Isabella is looking for a forever home with another greyhound. She is initially shy, but warms up in the home. She will need some work with gaining confidence outside the home and around loud noises, so her most ideal home would be in a quiet neighborhood, not a city.

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info