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? DOB: 3/28/2023
Small Dogs

Jay is an affectionate, curious young boy with an inquisitive, yet sensitive side. He doesn't seem to know a stranger, and while he loves everyone, he seems to be drawn to men so far. He is a very tall boy, towering over his foster siblings. Jay will happily galumph around the yard like the awkward giant puppy he is. He is curious and wants to explore, but he will sit when you try to push him out of his comfort zone (and yes, that means foster mom had to lift this big boy into the tub for his post-haul bath).

Jay has been a rockstar on the stairs in his foster home, conquering the steep, old stairs almost immediately, although he'll still ask you to help him when he wants. He loves carrying toys around and will hoard them into a big pile one at a time when you move to a different room. He won't take treats from your hand right away, but we're sure it's only a matter of time before he warms up and takes them. He was also said to have no prey drive on the farm-- hence the early retirement-- and so far, his feline foster brother will confirm that he seems to be cat safe! He has been a little playful with his two hound foster siblings, but he could also likely be an only dog.

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