Racing Name:
? DOB: 4/1/2020
Small Dogs
Katty is a 2 year old beautiful cow dog (and look at that pant leg!!) who is looking for a family of her own. Katty is showing us she is cat safe and will most likely be small dog safe. She will need another greyhound in her forever home as she can be very shy. Katty was originally described as a “spook”, but was worked with at the farm in KS and has made HUGE strides! So much so that she is already playing with toys and accepting her foster family. We do not know how she will act around kids here, but she did well with the kennel owner’s older child, so right now, we’re saying kids 12+. Katty does know her name and we would request her adoptive family keep it. She recently weighed in at 66 lbs. She loves to play so another playful greyhound will be a plus. This girl will run and jump around with the others all day long! Katty will be available for adoption in a few weeks after we get to know her a bit more. We want to make sure she is placed in an appropriate, greyhound savvy home!

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info