Racing Name:
Ace Buccaneer
2.5 DOB: 5/30/2020
Small Dogs

Lucas (Ace Buccaneer) retired early after unfortunately breaking his right hock in his last race.

It was casted to heal, but was still bothering him. Upon arriving to WAG, x-rays showed that the leg needed to be repaired surgically. The repair appeared to go well and he began putting more weight on it and seemed to be healing. He began receiving physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and laser therapy to help him in his recovery. Despite all of our best efforts, Lucas managed to re-fracture his leg, and it was determined to be in Lucas' best interest to amputate. His amputation is scheduled for 1/24. He will be on medical hold until fully healed from his amputation and his foster believes he is ready physically and mentally to move on to a forever home.

Lucas is SUCH a happy boy! He can hardly hold still and he loves to bounce and run around the yard! He’s having a tough time understanding that he needs to rest to heal! It is unknown if Lucas is cat or small dog safe and he needs to be evaluated around children. But he is a big sweetheart, so he would most likely do fine around older children.

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info