Small Fry

Racing Name:
? DOB: 5/21/2023
Small Dogs

Small Fry was in a foster to adopt situation, but the family ultimately decided that she was not the right fit for their home, and made the difficult decision to pass on adopting her. But their loss is your gain!

Small Fry is still a puppy at just only a year old, so the adopting family should understand that she needs training still. Smalls (rightly named) is a petite greyhound weight only about 53lbs. She loves to get into anything she can and has been known to chew corners of coffee and side tables. She still needs a lot of work with crate training as well. She would not do well in an apartment setting and her current foster believes that she needs a fenced in yard. They are currently leash walking and it is not enough exercise to get all that puppy energy out!

Smalls does well with their cat and should be small dog safe. We do not think she would be ok as an only dog and should have a dog companion to live with. We are not sure how Smalls would do with kids at this time.

At this time, Smalls is not available for adoption to MA or outside of CT.

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info