Racing Name:
Pat J Sprinkles
2.2 DOB: 8/17/2020
Small Dogs
Sprinkles (Pat J Sprinkles) is a 2 year old retiree looking for her forever home! We were told she is fairly high prey drive, but he is doing great with the 30lb retriever in her foster home, so we’ll be testing her with cats and small dogs, just to verify. Sprinkles’ perfect home, we’re finding, would most likely require another dog (not necessarily a greyhound) and would be a free standing home, not a condo or apartment. She is a VERY vocal little girl who makes her presence in the crate known. She has a very high pitch, squeaky bark! Sprinkles also seems very brave and is unconcerned with passing cars, and loud noises. She also loves to give hugs and kisses, though we are actively working on keeping her from jumping on strangers. Sprinkles has a puppy mentality and will need correction on counter surfing habits (unless you’re on a diet and would like her to eat your food from the counter!). We are unsure how She would do with kids, so anyone with dog savvy chick seen that would like to meet Sprinkles, please let us know! We have a feeling she would be great with kids. Sprinkles is still coming out of shell and as we learn more, we will keep everyone updated! She does seem to have a calmer demeanor for her age.

Please call or text 1-860-845-7196 for adoption info